Muhammad Hassan

Graphical Designer


My introductions

My Name Is Muhammad Hassan i’m a Graphic Designer

My Story

     I   started my carrier back in 2010 when i was a school student i had a relay bad habit of playing video game but it turned out to be good soo i played a game alot its known as AQW its a game  that you also will Like game .so i did a naive Task Hoped to create that game in my own way but ti didn’t knew a thing about Games To i played a lot and Started Learning Graphic Designing From a Local Collage {Peak Solution Group of Collages} After my Diploma in Graphic Designing I did many illustration And People Admired Me Alot All togather i could not Create that Game in my own way but it lend me a Skill that i was Expert In >> Graphic Designing So today i create Graphics A Web designs For My Local and International Industry This is my Short Story
Now i Know you have a question What is this Blog?
Over the Years I have Lost My Data So This Blog Will hold My Creativity For my Life Work